HortiTop Range

HortiTop Range
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HortiTop fertilisers are slow-release, top-dressing feeds for container-grown trees and shrubs. They provide tired and hungry plants with a boost of rapid recovery during tough growing conditions.

Use as a top-dress when CRF incorporated into growing media at potting has been exhausted, such as roll-over stock in Spring.

HortiTop fertilisers contain generous levels of calcium and magnesium, which is ideal for fast growing and hungry plants such as laurels.




Product NameNutrients (%)DetailsLabel
HortiTop Complete11-5-12 + 1 MgO + TE
  • Developed to provide sustained and steady feeding
  • Suitable for container-grown nursery stock, perennials and pot plants
HortiTop High-N18-3-6 + 2 MgO + TE
  • Developed for use from spring to July, to boost growth
  • Improves leaf colour of container-grown nursery stock
HortiTop High-K10-4-18 + 2 MgO + TE
  • Designed for use from spring to late autumn 
  • Improves flowering of container grown nursery stock

Application Rate

Top dressing

Sensitive species- 0.5 to 1.0 grams/litre of growing media

Moderate vigour species- 1.0 to 1.5 grams/litre of growing media

Strong growing species- 1.5 to 2.5 grams/litre of growing media


Sensitive species- 30 to 50 grams/m2

Moderate vigour species- 50 to 75 grams/m2

Strong growing species- 75 to 150 grams/m2

Available Sizes

20 Kg Sacks


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