About Us

About Us

Hortifeeds was created in Lincolnshire in 1995, to offer local horticultural growers a better alternative to ‘off-the-shelf’ fertilisers. It was set up to manufacture high quality ‘fresh’ fertilisers and to supply these products direct to local growers.

The ethos was to produce the highest quality fertilisers economically, using only the finest ‘fresh’ raw materials, and to provide growers with a level of personal and technical service that was second to none.

The  business also offered a unique new service – the capability to blend bespoke fertiliser formulations to meet specific customer requirements or conditions.  Today, almost 20 percent of its total production is for custom blended fertilisers.

The original business model was an immediate success with growers in Lincolnshire and the East of England, and in the following years Hortifeeds expanded its geographical coverage across the whole of the UK.

At the same time, its team of field-based technical advisors, whose role is to work alongside customers to help achieve the ideal crop nutrition solutions, was expanded.

The choice of standard products was also continually increased to include dry powder and granulated fertilisers, water-soluble powder fertilisers, and, increasingly, convenient and easy-to-use liquid fertilisers.

Innovative and highly efficient specialist fertilisers, developed to overcome specific nutritional or plant health problems, have also been added to the Hortifeeds range.

Today, Hortifeeds is part of the Synchemicals Group, owners of Vitax Ltd, a leading UK manufacturer and supplier of fertilisers and associated products for the home and garden and specialised turf and amenity markets, as well as numerous other businesses.

Under Synchemicals' ownership, investment in Hortifeeds' unique offering to the professional horticultural market has continued apace, with the addition of modern plant and machinery and the refurbishment of the existing facilities at its extensive plant located just outside the City of Lincoln.

Hortifeeds still retains its original ethos – to produce and deliver technically advanced, high quality fertilisers and to work ‘face-to-face’ with individual growers to produce their ideal crop nutrition solutions – and today, with the strength of the Synchemicals Group behind it, the business is in a better position than ever to deliver.

What started as a small, local business, now supplies its products and expertise across the UK and even further afield – to Europe and the Middle East...



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