Amino Acids

Amino Acids

HortiBoost and NuGro 8-8-7 are two of our most popular liquid fertilisers. They are very different fertilisers that have been formulated for separate purposes, however both contain amino acids as a key ingredient. But how exactly do plants benefit from this added supplement?


Applications of amino acids are a tried and tested method of improving crop quality. They are organic molecules that are the ‘building blocks’ of all plant proteins and act as a ‘short-cut’ by providing the starting materials of all the proteins and poly-peptides essential to plant growth and function. Plants have the ability to manufacture (biosynthesize) all the amino acids they require, however the process is complex and consumes considerable amounts of the plants available energy. This energy consumption directly reduces the amount of energy available to the plant to grow and produce flowers or fruit.


Under stress conditions such as heat, drought and frost plants reduce the biosynthesis of amino acids to conserve energy, so growth will slow or stop. Applications of products that contain amino acids can help to prevent this from happening, keeping crops in active growth for as long as possible despite adverse conditions.


There are 20 amino acids and peptides that combine to give these overall benefits, but each of these have very specific roles within the plants metabolic processes. For example, L-Alanine and L-Lysine are used during chlorophyll production and photosynthesis, and L-Serine and others are involved in osmotic balance regulation and heat stress tolerance. Therefore having amino acids in proportion to their need is particularly important in optimising speed of recovery from stress.


The diagram below helps to explain the various uses of amino acids within plants:



HortiBoost is a powerful combined biostimulant and micro-nutrient package. It contains amino acids, seaweed and humic and fulvic acids which work in conjunction to improve overall quality and resilience to stress conditions. HortiBoost also contains trace elements including generous levels of iron to boost chlorophyll production and photosynthesis, allowing plants to recover from stress as quickly as possible.


NuGro 8-8-7

NuGro is a suspension made from micronized fish blood and bone combined with plant extracts to produce a balanced, natural fertiliser containing all the macro and micro nutrients plants need in one fertiliser. It contains amino acids as well as other nutrients in organic form which are easily utilised by plants, which save energy and time otherwise used to manufacture these, as described above.


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