Benefits of Soluble Mixes

Benefits of Soluble Mixes

Despite their scale, some of our larger customers use HortiMix soluble fertilisers rather than straights, as they find them easier and more practical to rely on when there are so many other commitments around the farm - it’s one less job to worry about!

See below for some of the advantages to using HortiMix soluble fertilisers:

  • Consistent – does what it says on the bag, and the same quality throughout every bag. Has the assurance of ISO 9001 Quality Control, and use of only high grade raw materials


  • Easy to administer – makes it cost effective when compared with the problems of weighing out lots of individual straight fertilisers, and without the risk of damage from accidentally missing an essential element or getting the balance of elements wrong. Finely powdered for rapid solubility and ease of use.


  • Flexible – easy to change the concentration and the analysis depending on season and stage of crop. Can be used for a very wide range of crops and situations


  • Accurate – precise delivery, giving the crop only what the plants need at the right time and to the right place, minimising waste


  • Easy to plan ahead – simple to know how much feed is needed over any given period and order accordingly, avoiding potentially damaging interruptions

Use HortiMix Standard in situations where irrigation water bicarbonate levels are moderate, and also where water acidification is being used. Check with your sales manager which fertiliser grade is most suitable for your crop and situation.