Boxing Clever

Boxing Clever

With their all-year-round appeal and unrivalled variety of uses, Buxus are some of the most popular garden plants. They are equally suitable for the grandest Italianate formal garden and the humblest urban patio planter. Whether used in pots, borders or hedges, Buxus provide the evergreen structure that enhances the other plants around them, ensuring their popularity has continued regardless of plant fashion whims. Due to the current disrupted selling season, Buxus plants will need care throughout the year to be ready for sale. We have asked our resident agronomist, Mike Wainwright, for his fertiliser suggestions to keep your Buxus looking its absolute best:

“Containerised Buxus are widely grown using Controlled Release Fertilisers (CRF) incorporated into the growing media. Frequent watering during hot summers will repeatedly drain the nutrients out of the pots, reducing their long-term availability for plant growth. Tired and hungry Buxus can frequently be seen in spring where CRF has been exhausted over the previous seasons. HortiTop has been developed as a top-dress to provide sustained and steady feeding of containerised plants. It provides a full range of nutrients including calcium and trace elements. HortiTop Complete (11-5-12) is ideal for spring to autumn feeding while HortiTop High N (18-3-6) is perfect for a spring to early summer growth boost.

Rapid green-up before sale or after stress conditions can be achieved by using HortiCron Evergreen (18-3-6+Mg+TE). This foliar fertiliser contains fast and slow release nitrogen to support sustained growth, along with generous levels of magnesium and iron together with other trace elements to help green-up tired plants and quickly get them back to their best, ready for sale. HortiCron Evergreen can equally be used as a regular foliar top-up throughout the growing season.

Whether you are growing organically, or just prefer to use more natural fertilisers that aren’t chemically manufactured, NuGro (8-8-7) is an exceptionally effective general fertiliser. Made from micronized fish meal, it is formulated to spread evenly and stick to foliage, resisting wash-off; ensuring maximum nutrient uptake by the plant. It is ideal for foliar application using conventional spraying equipment. However, NuGro can also be used as a liquid fertiliser for irrigation or drench application.”

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