HortiHydrate Pro: a specialised horticultural wetter

HortiHydrate Pro: a specialised horticultural wetter

Formulated using the very latest surfactant technology, HortiHydrate Pro will maximise the potential in any growing media.

HortiHydrate Pro forms a ‘chain’ between the water and growing media, lowering the surface tension. This enables uniform wetting of the growing media, creating the optimum balance between water and air spaces. A good moisture profile means the plant has 100% of the media to grow in, resulting in crops having access to more nutrients and also benefiting from healthier growing conditions. Formulated by the experts at Hortifeeds, HortiHydrate Pro enables growing media to retain these significant benefits for longer.

HortiHydrate Pro not only optimises growing conditions but also helps to conserve water. The Environment Agency has recently warned that there will not be enough water to meet demand 25 years from now. Sir James Bevan, Chief Executive, stated that “we all need to use less water and use it more efficiently”. Thankfully HortiHydrate Pro also reduces run-off and evaporation, so water wastage is limited and production costs are lowered.

Use of HortiHydrate Pro increases profit margins by enabling plants to grow faster, more uniformly and with less water. HortiHydrate Pro is manufactured in the UK at Hortifeeds’ own site in Lincolnshire. It does not react with metals in spray tanks and is safe to use on most sensitive crops, even seedlings.

If you would like further information about HortiHydrate Pro, please contact your Sales Manager or contact us here.