IntraCell: Naturally Help Defend Crops Against Frost

IntraCell: Naturally Help Defend Crops Against Frost

Spring is a critical time for many crops, as buds burst and flowers open the rapidly expanding new tissue is at its most vulnerable stage. Opening buds, flowers and young shoots are very prone to damage by late frosts and extremes in temperature fluctuation between night and day at this time of year.

The negative effect of this on the yield of fruit crops and the saleability of ornamentals can be devastating, defining the productivity of a crop for the entire season. To help protect these high value crops at this most vulnerable stage, lntraCell can be applied before an expected frost event.

IntraCell is a highly soluble product containing more than 96% Glycine Betaine, a persistent and powerful natural osmolyte.

Osmolytes are small organic molecules with a neutral charge that act as osmoprotectants within plant cells. This means once accumulated in the cell they can balance the osmotic difference between the cell wall and the cytoplasm (the jelly-like material inside of the cell). By providing that correct balance IntraCell helps crops to better handle extreme osmotic stress events. It is ideal to support crops in unfavourable environmental conditions, including cold and frost.

In order to provide a level of protection from frost, the IntraCell must be applied at the higher than normal rate of 7 to 8Kg per hectare for fruit trees, or 4Kg per hectare for smaller crop plants. The standard rate of application to boost stress tolerance in other circumstances is 1 to 2Kg per hectare depending on the crop type and frequency of application. If applied 48-72 hours prior to a forecasted frost event, the IntraCell will remain active in the cells for over three weeks, providing further protection if frosty conditions persist.

For example in commercial scale trials on flowering pear trees during a -3 frost event, trees that had previously been sprayed with IntraCell at 7Kg/Ha showed a 90% reduction in damage.

image.pngTrial data received from Lallemand*

While IntraCell helps to protect the valuable new growth during more common relatively mild frost events, it must be stated that it will not provide full protection from extreme frosts, and for high value crops other means of frost protection should also be considered in conjunction with IntraCell, for example fans, plastic coverings or fleecing, where appropriate.

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