Organic September

Organic September

It’s Organic September, a UK-wide celebration of all things organic.

The Soil Association champion this month-long event, educating the public about organic foods and products. As public demand for organic products increases growers must react to the market; without sacrificing quality and yield of their crop. Organic produce must be grown with products that have been certified by an organic certification body. Hortifeeds have a number of speciality formulated products.


The NuGro range provides a unique combination of nutrients, amino acids and proteins. Its separate formulations are suitable for any crop and use of these fertilisers have been shown to increase crop yield, overall quality and fruit BRIX levels.


Receiving its accreditation this year, HortiKelp is a bio-stimulant used to increase crop health and yield. Derived from Ascophyllum nodosum, the fertiliser carries 30% suspended solids and the highest level of bioactives on the market.

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