HortiGran + HortiGran Long

HortiGran + HortiGran Long
Summary Product Information

A range of horticultural organo-mineral, granular fertilisers for soil application outside or under protection. They are particularly suitable for landscaping applications.  HortiGran-Long formulations contain 50% controlled release fertiliser (6 – 8 months longevity) to provide a full season’s nutrition.


Nutrients Ratio



HortiGran High N 12-6-6+TE
  • Spring/summer high N fertiliser to boost growth
  • Corrects N deficiency in a wide range of crops
  • Delivers organic nitrogen slowly and safely to avoid scorch and leaching
  • 3-4 month longevity

HortiGran Balanced 8-8-8+TE
  • Balanced NPK nutrition
  • Suitable for a wide range of horticultural crops
  • 3-4 month longevity
HortiGran High K 12-3-18+TE
  • Provides High K for flowering plants all year round
  • Ideal Autumn feed for nursery stock
  • 3-4 month longevity
HortiGran Beds and Borders 10-11-15
  • Feed bedding and border plants for up to three months
  • Extended phosphate availability
  • Stimulates rooting and sturdy growth in bedding displays and herbaceous and shrub plantings
HortiGran Treeplanter 12-20-8
  • Stimulates and supports rooting of trees and shrubs
  • Contains long-lasting phosphate and slow release nitrogen
  • Extended feeding over many months
HortiGran Ericaceous Landscape 11-12-8
  • Ideal for all Ericaceous subjects helping maintain good leaf colour throughout the season
  • Contains Crystal Green: Magnesium-Ammonium-Phosphate to provide slowly-release nutrients over a full growing season
  • Slowly released phosphate aids establishment of Ericaceous and non-Ericaceous plants
  • Product also contains long-lasting trace elements to maintain leaf colour and growth
HortiGran-LONG High N 14-7-9+Mg+TE
  • Provides 6 months nutrient delivery
  • Ideal for Spring and Summer use on field-grown trees and nursery stock
HortiGran-LONG Balanced 11-8-11+Mg+TE
  • Long lasting fertiliser with 6 months nutrient supply
  • For use on field-grown trees and nursery stock, in propagation beds, and in shrub and flower borders

HortiGran-LONG High K

  • 6 months nutrient supply
  • Ideal for Autumn use on shrub borders and flower borders

Application Rate

For Sensitive Crops 30 - 50g/m2

Medium Rate 60 - 100 g/m2

For Vigorous Crops 120 - 140 g/m2


Available Sizes

10 Kg Bucket

20 Kg Sack


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