Summary Product Information

HortipHix fertilisers have been developed especially for use in hard water (with more than 150 mg/l bicarbonate). They provide plants not only with a robust feed but also reduce water hardness and pH.

HortipHix benefits:

  • Excellent solubility in hard water
  • Low pH of Stock solution prevents formation of insoluble precipitate
  • Reduces bicarbonate and pH of fertigation solution
  • Increased nutrient availability around the roots from the acidic solution
  • Reduces pH rise in growing media
  • Reduces dripper blockage
  • Reduces carbonate deposits on leaves
  • Reduces the need for separate acidification of irrigation water
  • High K acidifying analyses are available
  • Soft fruit mixes are urea-free containing nitrogen as NO3 for firmer fruit
Name Nutrients Ratio Details Label


 21-7-21+ 1.6% MgO + TE
  • Balanced N:K feeding (with phosphate) for growth stage feeding inspring/summer
  • Suitable for a wide range of plant species


15-7-30+ 1.6% MgO + TE

  • Increase K for flowering plants
  • Produces sturdy growth


12-6-36+ 2.5% MgO + TE

  • High-K plant finisher to support flowering and fruiting
  • Ideal as the main feed in winter for flowering plants
  • Ideal for soft fruit grown in soil medium

HortipHix Primrose and Pansy Mix 

12-6-36 + 2.67% MgO + TE
  • For Primrose and Pansy crops requiring higher levels of magnesium and trace elements

Please contact your Sales Manager for full range of analyses.


Application Rate

Constant Feeding

Young or sensitive plants- 0.25-0.5 g/litre of water

Established normal species- 0.5 g/litre of water

Vigorous species- 0.75 g/litre of water

Boost feeding- 1 g/litre of water

Periodic Feeding

Young or sensitive plants- 0.5-0.75 g/litre of water

Established normal species- 1 g/litre of water

Vigorous species- 1.5 g/litre of water

Boost feeding- 2 g/litre of water


Available Sizes

20 Kg Sack

10 Kg Bucket


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