Summary Product Information

HortiFlush aids in the removal of excess salts and built-up deposits in growing media by the synergistic effect of its acidic components. This means optimum levels of Electrical Conductivity (EC) and pH are much easier to achieve.

A new generation of wetting agents improves the downward and lateral flow of water to provide a uniform moisture profile.

The organic complexing agents stimulate root growth and work as chemical “claws” that bind to the accumulated salts to produce an enhanced flushing effect.

The acidic formulation increases the solubility of accumulated salts and maintains the pH of the growing media at optimum values for improved nutrient uptake.
Nutrient uptake and plant growth are boosted by the biostimulant effect of Humic and Fulvic acids.



Front Label


  • Helps remove excess E.C and dry patches
  • Restores ideal growing conditions with natural biostimulation


Application Rate

Apply HortiFlush at 1ml/litre through the fertigation system. To achieve this prepare a stock tank with 10 litres HortiFlush per 100 litres of stock. Inject with the dosatron at 1:100 (1%) and apply to the growing media. Allow at least 30% run-off.


Available Sizes

10 Litre Bottle

20 Litre Bottle

200 Litre Drum

1000 Litre IBC


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