HortiHydrate 500

HortiHydrate 500
Summary Product Information

Formulated using the latest surfactant technology, HortiHydrate 500 will improve compost by optimising drainage and limiting dry spots in the growing media to create the ideal balance of moisture. HortiHydrate 500 uses Reverse Block Co-Polymers. This molecule is degraded more slowly than standard block co-polymers, meaning growing media will retain its wetting ability for longer between applications. 

HortiHydrate 500 is ideal for re-wetting dry compost before it is bagged for sale. It can also be used to boost the performance of growing media for up to 6 weeks. 


Name  Details Label
HortiHydrate 500  For compost  View

Application Rate

For fine grade mixes: add 160ml HortiHydrate 500 in 4 litres of water per m1 of growing media. 
For all other mixes: add 80ml HortiHydrate 500 in 4 litres of water per m1 of growing media. 
This should then be sprayed into 1 m1 (1000 litres) of compost during mixing to ensure even distribution.


Available Sizes

20 Litre Bottle

220 Litre Drum

1,000 Litre IBC


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