HortiHydrate Pro

HortiHydrate Pro
Summary Product Information

Formulated using the very latest surfactant technology, HortiHydrate Pro will optimise growing conditions and reduce water run-off and evaporation, lowering production costs. HortiHydrate Pro uses Reverse Block Co-Polymers. As this molecule is degraded more slowly than standard block co-polymers,  growing media will retain its wetting ability for longer between applications. 

HortiHydrate Pro lowers the surface tension of all growing medias, allowing uniform wetting. By creating a good moisture profile the plant has 100% of the growing media to grow in. This means crops have better access to more nutrients and benefit from healthier growing systems.

It is safe to use on most crops and does not react to metals in spray tanks.

Name  Details Label
HortiHydrate Pro  For all horticulture crops  View

Application Rate

Constantly- 0.01 ml/litre of water

Weekly- 0.1 ml/litre of water 

Weekly to monthy (short-term crops)- 0.25 ml/litre of water

Monthly to quarterly (suitable for most plants)- 0.5 ml/liter of water

Quarterly or longer- 1 ml/litre of water


Available Sizes

10 Litre Bottle

20 Litre Bottle

200 Litre Drum

1000 Litre IBC


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