Summary Product Information

InCa® contains market leading CaTᵀᴹ Technology that makes better use of applied and available calcium. This leads to more robust, healthier plants; improving quality and marketable yield. Its safe formulation means you can spray at any growth stage and in warm weather without risk of scorch*. InCa® mixes easily and is safe to add to your existing spray programme.

Name Analysis Details


Nitrogen (N)                        4.5%

Nitric Nitrogen                   4.5%

Calcium Oxide (CaO)         7.0%

Calcium (Ca)                       5.0%

Zinc (Zn)                              0.8%

  • Increases marketable yield
  • Improves plant health and overall quality
  • Extends post-harvest shelf life
  • Reduces the impact of stress
  • Can be used on a wide range of crops.


Application Rate

Mix 1.0-1.5l with 200-500l of water per hectare. Apply sprays throughout the season. Read the label before use, please contact your Sales Manager for detailed application rates.


Available Sizes

10 Litre


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