SummaryProduct Information

NovaTec® is the COMPO EXPERT innovation in granular compound NPK-fertiliser stabilised with DMPP. DMPP protects Ammonium-N from quick conversion into Nitrate-N, ensuring constant supply of both forms of Nitrogen (ammonium and nitrate).

Crops develop more evenly due to stabilised nitrogen supply. Ammonium Nitrogen in particular favours root growth and can help to reduce nitrate levels in fresh produce, resulting in deeper green coluring of leafy salads and vegetables.


NovaTec® Classic

12-8-16 +3+T.E

  • Lowers N losses from leaching and volatilisation
  • Reduced number of applications required
  • Improved yield and quality due to extended N supply and increased ammonium nutrition
  • Crops develop more evenly due to stabilised N supply
NovaTec®  12-12-17 +2+T.E
NovaTec®  Premium15-3-20 +3+T.E
NovaTec® Suprem21-5-10 +3+T.E
NovaTec® N-Max24-5-5 +2+T.E
NovaTec® PRo14-7-7 +3+T.E

Application Rate

CropAnnual DemandApplication Frequency Per Year
Greenhouse Vegetables800-2000 kg/ha2-3
Brassicae1600-2500 kg/ha2-3
Lettuce, carrots, onions700-1200 kg/ha1-2
Strawberries700-1000 kg/ha1
Fruit Trees300-800 kg/ha1
Soft Fruit600-1100 kg/ha1
Grapevines300-600 kg/ha1
Potatoes500-1200 kg/ha1-2

Available Sizes

25 Kg Sack

600 Kg Bulk Bags 


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