Cilus® Plus

Cilus® Plus
Summary Product Information

Cilus® Plus is a microbial preparation containing a very high concentration of Bacillus amyloliquefaciens strain IT45 isolated through Lallemand Research.

The bacteria Bacillus IT45 contained in Cilus® Plus will rapidly populate the rhizosphere (root zone) by feeding on the root exudates produced by the crop. 
In return, this microbial population will provide several beneficial outcomes to the plants:

  • Solubilise Phosphorus: secretion of phytases and organic acids that will turn phosphorus and trace elements in the rhizosphere into available forms for uptake by plants.
  • Stimulate growth of efficient roots and root hairs: production of phytohormones that will help to produce roots and root hairs improving soil exploration and better uptake of nutrients and water.
  • Probiotic effect: occupation of the rhizosphere with beneficial microflora.
Name Analysis Details

Cilus® Plus

2x1010 CFU/g of Bacillus amyloliquefaciens strain IT45

(CFU: Colony Forming Unit. Unit of measure for living microorganisms able to multiply)

  • Stimulates the start-up of young plants.
  • Improves soil exploration by roots, allowing better nutrient and water uptake. 
  • Enhances the productivity of plants, allowing better growth, yield and quality.

Application Rate

Crop Dose Rate Crop stage Applications
Nursery propagation 40 g/1000 m2 Emergence 1 per crop
Salad Crops 200 g/ha Emergence or at transplanting 1 to 2 per crop
Soft Fruit Crops 200 g/ha Transplanting or through fertigation 1 to 2 per crop
Top Fruit Crops 200 g/ha Transplanting or through fertigation 1 to 2 per crop
Ornamental Plants 200 g/ha Emergence or at transplanting or through fertigation 1 to 2 per crop
Vines 200 g/ha Transplanting or through fertigation 1 to 2 per crop

Preperation: the powder should be dissolved in water and drenched onto seedling trays, sprayed onto soil, applied to growing media or applied through drip irrigation. Apply the product in humid conditions. Optimal temperature is between 10 °C and 30 °C. 

Please check with your Sales Manager before mixing plant protection products.


Available Sizes

200 Gram Bag


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