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HortiBoost takes plant nutrition beyond conventional fertilisers by combining a unique, powerful package of 20 essential amino-acids, humic acid complex, seaweed and also major and minor nutrients from organic and inorganic sources.

HortiBoost is fast-acting, with absorption into the crop within 12 to 24 hours while facilitating maximum utilisation of nutrients, water, CO2 and light to maximise growth efficiency.

HortiBoost can be used alone as a biostimulant or tank mixed with a wide range of Hortifeeds soluble fertilisers and HortiPhyte products.

HortiBoost contains good levels of trace elements, especially iron, and low levels of the major NPK nutrients.
For a stronger NPK gift, HortiBoost is compatible with HortiMix soluble and liquid fertilisers and the HortiPhyte range. HortiBoost can be added to tank mixes with HortiFol fertilisers for foliar application and with HortiMix fertilisers for fertigation application.

Can be used on a wide range of crops including:

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Salad crops
  • Vines
  • Plants in propagation
  • All ornamentals

Analysis (w/w)



19 L-form Amino acids package          5.00%

Magnesium (MgO)                                  0.09%

Boron (B)                                                  0.027%

Copper (Cu)                                             0.036%

Iron (Fe)                                                    1.10%

Manganese (Mn)                                    0.036%

Molybdenum (Mo)                                 0.018%

Zinc (Zn)                                                  0.036%

Seaweed Extract                                   5.00%

Humic Acid Complex                            0.60%

Total Nitrogen                                         1.48%

Phosphorus (P2O₅)                                 0.34%

Potassium (K2O)                                     0.97%

  • Used to boost  root development and plant growth
  • Ideal for constant drip application at low rates if not foliar applied
  • Apply before and after any stress situation to help the crop prepare and recover



Application Rate

Use during the vegetative and early fruit swell stages for fruit crops and in the early and mid-growth stages for vegetables, salads and ornamentals.

Application frequency: Apply at 14 to 28 day intervals to maintain the effect. One application early in the crop cycle is often of most benefit.

Application rate (foliar application): Apply 5 to 20 litres/ha depending on crop size. Dilute into 200 to 600 litres of water. For small areas via knapsack sprayer etc. dilute at 2 to 5ml/litre and apply to runoff.

Application rate (fertigation): Apply 1 to 3 litres of HortiBoost / ha in the fertigation solution. If application is via a Dosatron or similar at 1% (1:100) dilution, apply 1 to 3 litres of HortiBoost per 100 litres of stock along with your normal fertigation feed every 1 to 2 weeks.


Available Sizes:

10 Litre Bottle

20 Litre Bottle

200 Litre Drum

1000 Litre IBC


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