HortiFol TF Bud

HortiFol TF Bud
Summary Product Information

HortiFol TF Bud has been developed to provide crops with the perfect combination of nutrients to prime growth ready for the next growing season, or give them an early season lift in the spring.

An ideal foliar fertiliser for fruit crops post-harvest, it builds strong buds ready to optimise fruit set and improve yield, and can also be used in spring to support flowering development and fruit set.

Analysis (w/w)



Nitrogen (N)                               6.9%

Phosphorus Oxide (P2O5)     5%

Magnesium (Mg)                      12.5%

Zinc  (Zn)                                     10%

Boron (B)                                     3%

  • Ideal feed post-harvest to help overwinter the crop
  • Primes crops ready for spring growth
  • Can also be applied in spring to support new growth





Application Rate

5- 10 L/Ha.


Available Sizes:

10 Litre Bottle


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