HortiCron Evergreen

HortiCron Evergreen
Summary Product Information

A novel liquid fertiliser containing polymethylene urea, a very safe, gradual release form of Nitrogen.  HortiCron Evergreen lasts for 2 – 3 months to provide steady, sustained growth without unwanted surges.

It is ideal to provide a quick green-up effect. HortiCron Evergreen also acts as a leaf surface improver, adding a glossy finish to foliage plants.

Treated plants show increases in leaf and root size after 2-3 weeks.  Leaf colour improves rapidly and foliage takes on an attractive, waxed shiny appearance.  Leaves are also more resistant to attack from pests and disease.  It is particularly suitable for use on christmas trees and buxus.

Although primarily a foliar fertiliser, HortiCron Evergreen can also provide root feeding when applied via fertigation.  The highly refined formulation is suitable for high and low volume sprayers, and sub, drip and overhead irrigation.

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Analysis (w/w)


Front Label

HortiCron Evergreen 18-3-6 + 0.5MgO + 0.5Fe +TE
  • Fast response foliar fertiliser, ideal for buxus and Christmas trees
  • Can be used for rapid green-up
  • Contains both fast response and slow release nitrogen for sustained growth


Application Rate

Foliar spray

Seedlings & transplants 50ml 5 litres 10L/100 m² 7 – 10 days prior to Despatch to boost root & shoot development and reduce transpiration loss

Nursery stock - protected 50ml 5 litres Wet foliage to run-off. Apply monthly from March to August to boost greening and shine leaves

Nusery stock – outdoor 100ml 10 litres To run-off 7 days prior to despatch or every 2 – 4 weeks for display plants

Pot plants & indoor display plants- 100ml 10 litres 1000 l/ha or to run-off on trees & shrubs 7 days prior to despatch or every 2 – 4 weeks. Apply to trees and shrubs monthly.

Turf and landscape- 200ml 20 litres 1000 l/ha or to run-off on tree and shrubs Apply to turf every 2 – 4 weeks. Apply to trees and shrubs monthly.


Available Sizes

10 Litre Bottle

20 Litre Bottle

200 Litre Drum

1000 Litre IBC


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