HortiFol (Soluble)

HortiFol (Soluble)



Summary Product Information

The HortiFol Range of Foliar Fertilisers, now with HortiHumic Complex

HortiFol foliar fertilisers come in four analyses to suit a wide range of crop and seasonal needs. All HortiFol foliar fertilisers contain NPK, Mg and trace elements, plus HortiHumic Complex to aid uptake and provide a biostimulant effect.

HortiFol fertilisers are developed to provide rapid uptake and fast growth response. HortiFol nutrients get to where they are needed – fast! The formulations also contains effective surfactants and spreaders to ensure rapid cover of the leaf surface for the best possible uptake by all contacted green tissue.

HortiFol nutrients avoid potential soil lock-up by following a pathway through the leaves rather than via the roots. This ‘delivery system’ offers a number of advantages:

  • Avoids nutrient lock-up, especially Fe and Mn, from high pH in the growing media
  • Bypasses uptake limitations resulting from a poor root system
  • Booster nutrients, delivered straight to the leaf, enhance photosynthesis
  • Quality and flavour enhancing nutrients delivered straight to developing fruit (eg phosphate for root and tuber development and potassium for enhanced sugar transfer to the fruit)
  • Easy to apply with conventional nursery or farm spraying equipment

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Name Nutrients Ratio Details Application Rate Label
Hortifol Balanced

18-18-18 +2MgO +TE

  • A balanced fertiliser for general use
  • Can be used on a wide range of crops in spring and summer
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HortiFol High-N

25-5-10 +2MgO +TE

  • A growth-boosting fertiliser for use during periods of high Nitrogen demand
  • This formulation is excellent for fast-growing leafy crops
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HortiFol High-P 7-30-15 +2MgO +TE
  • Useful for promoting rooting and bud development in a wide range of crops
  • Ideal during propagation of seeds and cuttings
  • Ideal for initiating fruit bud production in soft fruit
  • Enhances energy transfer in crops
  • Very useful in cold, wet conditions when phosphate uptake is poor
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HortiFol High-K 12-5-25 +2MgO +TE
  • Use at the fruiting and flowering stage for maximum sugar transfer from leaves to fruit
  • Useful in dry conditions to regulate stoma action and aid drought resistance
  • Very good winter preparation product; potassium helps ripen wood in late summer and autumn
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Available Sizes

2 Kg Sack

10 Kg Sack

20 Kg Sack


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